car tint film manufacturer
In your everyday car driving you are exposed to many unwelcome guests, such as harmful Ultraviolet, unfriendly solar heat, irritating
dazzle and interior fading from direct sunlight as well as abandoned privacy and safety through clear glass.

Grand Gard is a window film manufacturer. Our window film enhances driving experiences by protecting drivers
from eye damage and car interiors from fading.
Grand Gard window film is here for you to clear up all those annoying things in one sweep.
Grand Gard offers a complete line of professional window film for all your needs.
Quality-oriented professional grade Grand Gard window film has never made overnight. It is only the result of continuous advance of coating
technology, long-term commitment to R&D. So please do not allow direct sunlight to cause bad effect to your comfort driving any more.
You can just stay with Grand Gard window film, our pride, and realize energy saving green life.

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